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Experience the Grand Tour: Switzerland, France and Italy

This is one hell of a trip baby! Pick up your Wicked Camper from our depot in Munich and head one way to Venice! This trip involves a lot of driving, so make sure you rest up and prepare for one of Europe’s most popular road trips. Cruise from Munich to Geneva’s Lake Léman waterfront, then head along the south shore and into Chamonix. Cruise down to Turin and into beautiful Savona. Experience La Spezia and the majestic Le Cinque Terre. Drive up to Bologna, before ending your roadtrip in the historic and enchanting city of Venice.

Munich to Geneva and through Chamonix

Renowned host of the infamous Oktoberfest, Munich strives in so much more than just a beer bash. There's plenty to do here all year round - the music scenes, art and history is second to none. I highly recommend spending a few days in Munich, book in your Wicked Camper once you've seen enough and ready to hit the road.

So the roadtrip begins. Explore quirky and quaint alpine towns and high-peaked landscapes while tracing the spine of this iconic range from Munich to Geneva. Just be sure to stop for plenty of rugged hikes, breath-stealing bike rides, view-gaping and mouth watering sausages along the way.

Climb steeply to Chamonix via Thonon-Les-Bains. The seven mile Mont-blanc tunnel under the highest Alp has to be experienced, as you emerge into Italy’s deep Aosta Valley.

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Discover Turin, 'a city of magic' - then hit the med at Savona

Home to 40 world-class museums, charming baroque architecture and covered walkways, as well as some of Italy’s best cuisine, Turin is a city of surprises. The city has excellent restaurants, beautiful churches and palaces, opera houses, piazzas, parks gardens art galleries and theaters.

From Turin, head south towards Alba before hitting the Med at Savona. Located in Italy’s northwest, Savona rests along the Italian Riviera between Nice and Genoa. Once the home of Christopher Columbus and two powerful Catholic popes, Savona is a captivating seaside port on the Ligurian coast

Cruise on through Genoa, the capital of Liguria and take a step back in time. Genoa has the largest medieval centre in Europe, a working and thriving port, plenty of culture and also boasts Italy's oldest football club.

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Enjoy the Levantine Riviera as far as La Spezia

Providing time isn’t an issue, discover the beautiful villages set amongst Le Cinque Terre - Vernazza being particularly awesome. If you do check out Vernazza, make sure you visit Il Pirata delle Cinque Terre, an amazing restaurant ran by two hilarious brothers at the top of the hill. Ahhh take me back!

Find the little roads climbing up the Apennines to Abatone and then twist down into Florence. Return down the winding minor routes to Bologna or Modena.

Highlights on the trip include beautiful mountain views, great food, shops, restaurants and the undiscovered charm of Italy’s country towns and glamorous coast lines. Le Cinque Terre really is a magical place, best explored over a few days. Park up your Wicked Camper and take the train through the mountains, with each village only a short distance away from each other.

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Enjoy the tortellini in Bologna on your way to Venice

Located in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, Bologna is also an ideal city to base yourself if travelling around the central region of the country. It rivals Florence or Pisa and there are so many things to do in Bologna, you’ll be surprised!

A university town filled with history, this is one hopping destination with so much to do, you’ll want to make sure that your Italy itinerary includes a couple of days to properly explore this ancient yown. Climb Italy’s tallest leaning tower, try traditional balsamic vinegar, eat parmigiano regianno, meet the locals and live it up.

Time to cruise the last leg to Venice and return your Wicked Camper. Almost everyone I know wants to visit the city of Venice for a number of good reasons. Surrounded by water, the city of romance is a unique, captivating and scenic adventure. Drop off your wheels and unwind, ride the gondola and get lost!

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