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The Evo Triangle

Evo Triangle is an area of Northern Wales and a popular car testing ground for Evo Magazine - hence the origin of the name. The route has since become very popular amongst driving enthusiasts and seems to be one of the most talked about routes in the UK.

Pick up your Wicked Camper from our depot in London and cruise across the country and into the lush valleys of Northern Wales

Head across the country from London to Wales

Located in the heart of the Denbigh Moors, the EVO Triangle is the name given to the triangle formed by the A5, the A543 and the B4501 roads.

The route starts on the A543 (just off the A5) heading North along tight sweeping bends and beautiful scenery.

Turning right onto the B4501, you’ll cruise across long sweeping bends with picturesque views of the Llyn Brenig Lake.

The road then leads back to the A5 (going through the village of Cerrigydrudion) and bringing you and your sexy Wicked Camper full circle. In total the EVO Triangle is 20 miles long, so it should take you around half an hour or so.

This route requires good concentration, so lay off the bongs and focus on the corners, as some are rather challenging (especially when wet). It’s not unusual to see cars that have run off into ditches...please don't fuck up your Wicked Camper - she's a good girl!

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A little info about the EVO Triangle

The EVO Triangle are an incredible set of roads that any petrol head will be all too familiar with. The result is a 20 mile geometric jaunt across the rolling moorland.

If you take the A5, the drive up from London will take you through streets littered with quaint houses, the odd farm here and there and well…that’s about it.

As you cruise towards Pentrefoelas, turn clockwise and aim for the A543.

You’ll notice the roads climb steeper and steeper towards higher ground, exchanging the overhanging canopy and unforgiving granite walls for the vast bleak moorland. Seven miles into the EVO triangle and things start to get really cool.

Several straights and long lazy cambered turns unfold beautifully, as the scenery becomes a blur and your Wicked Camper whips up and around the A543.

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Cruising around a life-size Scaletrix track

Visibility is so awesome along this stretch man, with many great surprises along the way.

The road veers off into the distance, winding and wiggling downhill before ducking behind grass mounds and then up and off into the distance.

It’s literally like cruising around a life-size Scaletrix track. You’re living out a childhood dream dawg!

After countless straights, swoops, sweeps and climbs, it becomes very easy to forget that you’re actually driving on a public road. Stop driving like a maniac for a second and keep alert! No driving into livestock or Welsh hookers looking for a sexy time.

As you decent onto the B4501 and into the luscious green woods, the surroundings soon change around you. Notice more greenery and less rugged terrains.

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Driving the B4501

The drive along here is every bit as engrossing as the second though, with the views being just as impressive as the start.

Pass Llyn Brenig reservoir and discover plenty of awesome views and photo opportunities. As the third section pierces its way through the hinterland, the trajectory almost makes you feel more like a fighter pilot than a motorist.

In summary, The Evo Triangle allows you to take a short but pleasant drive through the Welsh countryside. Lying just east of the Gwydyr National Park, this open road is full of up and downs as well as some complex bend that work their way across the rolling Welsh moors.

The road trip soon comes to an end - an overwhelming experience of bleak and mostly deserted moorland.

The EVO Triangle, one of the best threesomes I’ve ever had.

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