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Barcelona through the Basque Circuit

Pick up your Wicked Camper from our depot in Barcelona and take a drive through the beautiful Spanish northern region of the Basque Circuit. From Barcelona, this road trip will take you through Zaragosa, on to Pamplona, San Ebastian and Bilbao.

Barcelona to Zaragosa

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, cruise in your Wicked Camper towards Zaragosa. Once arriving, you’ll discover many beautiful buildings in the older quarters, plus an impressive main square to walk around. As the former capital of the province of Aragon, there is a lot of history here and plenty of interesting facts to pick up.

Coming with a multi-cultural background that has seen it ruled by Romans, Arabs, the Aragonese and then Christians, it’s not surprise to find out that the city is rich with a great variety of traditions, buildings and people.

Modern history was deeply affected by the Spanish Civil War. Zaragoza was one of the most bombed areas and was the home of the famous anarchist militia group the Durruti Column. Nowadays the city has been largely trouble-free. A must stop on your Wicked roadtrip.

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Run like heck from the bulls in Pamplona

Cruise on up to Pamplona, a town famous for the festival of San Fermin and the running of the bulls. The festival takes place in July, so depending on your travel time, you may encounter the complete madness that incurs!

Thousands of people carry the Saint Fermin statue on the streets during a procession. The festival is also celebrated in conjunction with other folkloric and traditional events. Pretty hectic, but well worth the experience.

If you'd rather not participate, his well cared-for northern-spanish town certainly has something interesting to offer. Its very well conserved historical center for instance, or the picturesque mountain ranges of the region Navarra, with some of the most original folklore of all Spain. Not forgetting the delicous wines that are made here.

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Discover beautiful San Sebastian

Drive your Wicked Camper north to San Sebastian (also known as Donostia), described by some as the ‘foodie’ capital of Spain. Indulge in some amazing local foods, the tapas in particular being delicious.

The tapas restaurants can be a little bit pricy in some parts of San Sebastian, so have a look around before diving into the first restaurant you stumble across.

The seafood around the area is also second to none, with Basque sauces in the restaurants around the port offering a tasty alternative. Time to walk off all those meals with a relaxing stroll around the old harbour and fishing port area. As it’s on a main pilgrimage route, expect many impressive churches along the way.

San Sebastian is one of Spain’s most attractive, charming and popular cities. This sophisticated coastal gem certainly has a lot to offer its visitors.

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Tase the delicious wines of Bilbao

Finish up the northern end of the trip with a visit to Bilbao, another beautiful city on the sea. The city is well known for the Guggenheim Museum – a must see during your Wicked Camper roadtrip.

The building of the museum is in itself a work of art, I highly recommend. Another museum to check out would be the Bellas Artes, a truly word class, art deco masterpiece.

Wine tasting – I haven’t really touched too much on this area, however you’ll be cruising through many regions that have to be checked out. The major wine region of Rioja is a must, with it’s beautiful rolling landscapes, medieval hamlets and exquisite wines.

The capital of Logrono is also a must see. Lock up your Wicked Camper and explore the city on foot, as everything is within walking distance and mostly pedestrianised.

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