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London through the Pas de Calais, France

Pick up your Wicked Camper from our depot in London baby! Take the euro across to France and explore the best of Pas de Calais. This trip involves beautiful drives from Calais through to Boulogne, Côte d’Opale and down to Le Touquet. Cruise across to Hesdin, up north to Saint-Omer and back to Calais, before returning your campervan back in London. Brush up on your French skills and indulge in the best local specialties, including Saint-Omer’s famous and delicious beers.

London to Folkestone and across the channel to Calais

Ah London. Time to escape all the hustle and bustle me thinks. This is the perfect roadtrip for those wanting to escape the city for some lush greenery, winding roads, golden beaches and the beautiful scenery of northern France.

First, you need to get across the water. Eurotunnel (0870 535 3535, is the quickest and most common at just 35 minutes.

Prices vary, you have to travel at either really awkward times, or book way in advance to find a suitable return price. Realistically, allow for an average £200.00 return at weekends or £150.00 midweek.

Pick up your campervan from our depot in London, escape the shirts and ties and drive down to Folkestone - beautiful Calais is just across the channel and waiting.

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Calais along beautiful Cote D'Opale and Boulogne

After arriving in Calais, take the D940 via Boulogne, along the beautiful Cote D’Opale. The beaches are broad and long, just soft golden sand, with rainbow-coloured beach huts dotted along the coastline.

Soak up the views to Dover from windy Cap Gris Nez - Boulogne’s historic port. Plenty of photo ops with the endless cobbled streets, squares and the famous aquarium – which just so happens to be Europe’s largest.

A visit to Nausicaa, France's national sea-life centre, gives you a real taste of the world's oceans. You'll enjoy close encounters with about 35,000 fish - from the cockatoo wasp fish to sting rays that lie on the surface. Discover sharks, sea lions and masses of different fish - well recommended on your roadtrip.

The south coastal drive from Calais towards Le Touquet is a beauty, take your time and enjoy.

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Le Touquet to Etaples and Hesdin

There's plenty to check out in Le Touquet, with many events and attractions taking place yearly. From the massive winter Enduro beach motorbike race, to classical-music and themed festivals. In summer, the town swells from 5,500 residents to around 100,000. She's a popular old girl!

Check out the estuary fishing port lined with delicious seafood restaurants at Etaples. Visit the elegant 1920s boutiques, restaurants and tree-lined boulevards of Parisians’ expensive holiday homes.

The D349 across to Hesdin will take you alongside the river Canche, one of northern France’s most beautiful drives. Don’t miss Hesdin’s quirky Spanish-influenced architecture; including the Agincourt history centre and cathedral. Hop out your campervan and take a boat trip around the vast marshland waterways (once dug by medieval monks!).

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Check out Saint Omer, Ardres and return to Calais

Time to taste those delicous beers in Saint Omer! Leaving Hesdin, head north on the D928 for about an hour or so. Cruising through the Pas de Calais huh...just awesome isn't it!

Tucked away slightly out of the centre of Saint Omer is the Cathedral Notre-Dame. The cathedral is one of the most impressive medieval monuments in the Pas-de-Calais region and highly recommended during your Wicked roadtrip.

After spending some time in Saint Omer, take the N43 north-west back to Calais, before stopping off in the beautiful hilltown of Ardres. Wander through and spot the old churches, quiet bars, little shops and views across the plains towards Calais and the sea.

Before heading back on the tunnel to London, explore Calais’ food shops and markets, after stocking up at many of the well-priced wine outlets - the latter part being a necessity.

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