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13,000kms & 15 Countries!

After passing by 15 countries there is no easy way to best summarise 13,000kms and 3 months of mayhem whilst travelling the European roads. However, we will give you a small insight to some of our more favoured destinations and parties we were lucky enough to attend and often just merely stumble upon.

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12 weeks, 20 countries, 1 Wicked Van Tour

Travelling around Europe in a campervan may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday but for most Antipodeans “Van Tour” has become an integral part of the big OE, and for good reason. This is a trip we had wanted to do for a few years so by the time we made the decision that it was now or never, we had done a lot of research. Since neither of us had any mechanical ability whatsoever we decided that hiring a campervan was the obvious answer.

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We started off with a bang, heading to Rockwerchter festival in Belgium to camp for 4 days and check out the likes of Lily Allen, The Killers, Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Oasis just to name a few. We had to cut the festival short and ditch the last day to drive to Pamps for Running of the Bulls opening ceremony. After cramming 5 girls into the van we rotated driving for...yes...18 hours.

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Dr Who - Van Tour

It was just another one of many cold winter days in London, a few pints later at the pub when we started pondering the idea of travelling Europe in a van. How we were going to make this happen was beyond us at this stage, but the thought was so appealing. Many conversations and internet browsing later we came to the conclusion the safest way for us to do this “wicked” adventure was in a “wicked” van. We booked online, it all seemed to good to be true, pay a deposit to secure your van and pay rest closer to when you depart! So it meant securing a van giving us time to save for the rest.. BINGO!

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The Adventures of the Poo... Wicked Van Tour 09

89 Days.... 19 Countries.... 18000kms.... 89 hangovers.... 1 Van..... Fuck wat a ride.

We picked up our van.... the poo... at around 10am, we thought it would be an easy trip out to Dover. our sat nav had other ideas, about an hour and a half later we on the edge of london and on our way.. reaching france was a mile stone in its own and we didnt realise that we were on the wrong side of the road. our first night with the poo was on the beach overlooking the sunset wat had we just started???? we awoke to the sunrise and realised this would be the best thing we had done.

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Clockwork Orange Blog

The trip of a lifetime was anticipated, mission accomplished! Could you imagine anything as raw as living off the land, cruising around Europe in a campervan, living off a poor mans excuse for Heinz baked beans, sitting round our gas cookers whilst sipping cask vino, heading off the beaten track, passing through little country towns where the locals have never heard let alone seen an aussie battler before. Trip of a lifetime is a modest term.

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Chapter 1

 Black tents in summer = tents of doom
 Primark jandals won’t survive moshing or Amy’s giant feet
 Belgium doesn’t believe in ice
 When squatting against a tree make sure the tree isn’t in view of thousands of people with cameras and missiles
 More than 2 CD’s are need for a 3 month road trip
 Bring your iPod not just the iPod charger
 Sweaty boys + black paint = you looking like a feral
 Nick Cave + Bad Mayo = 6 cups of spew
 Up the bum no babies
 Monkey face needs to be explained to the world

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Logan & Michelle’s Van Tour 2009

Van tour is so easy and wicked in a Wicked camper. Within 20 minutes of arriving at the Wicked depot we were on the road and lost in London! GPS’s are awesome devices except when they are set on pedestrian instead of automobile. So after driving around London dazed and confused for about three hours we realised our mistake and headed to Dover.

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Kiss Van Tour

Ok where do I start to tell you of my adventures in my(our) KISS Wicked Vannnnn woooooo!!! We visited/ drove through 16 European countries in 3 months!!! Eeek! Well first stop was France, Der… We caught the ferry from Dover in the UK to Calais, once we hit the shore, I was like oh crap… they speak French, don’t have such ‘normal food’, and I’m stuck on this continent for 3 months! But it was ok, the wine was beautiful, the scenery even more beautiful, and oh my the delicious ham & cheese bagoo’s (baguette) and raspberry and cheese tarts! Mmmm delicious! We only spent two nights in France, one in Bordeaux in the very middle of the St Emillion Vine yard-in some car park which was pretty surreal! The other night was spent at a truck stop! The tolls in France were a real killer! We spent about 60!s in those two days!!

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5pm Friday

We finished work and rushed out of london for the long drive down to Pamplona, Spain for the running of the Bulls. Arriving in Pamps on Sunday, before long we were invoking the spirit of the festival and partying hard with 3 all night parties, 2 Bull runs and 1 Bull Fight later we left pamplona with great memories in our mind and sangria in our clothes hair, everywhere.

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So the experience was one of the best things all of us have ever done.

We started our way down to pamps for the running of the bulls - one of the best rushes we have ever had from the opening day to the morning of the run - it was great, awesome atmosphere to be in.

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WARNING! This trip is life changing and an experience you will never forget and will talk about for years to come. Only proceed if you wish to have the best European Summer Holiday of your life!


● Wicked Camper (Essential)
● Some awesome company
● Petrol
● Map of Europe
● Very rough plans
● Alcohol
● Music
● GPS (AKA sat nav)

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